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Our Goal -
"To continue our tradition of 100% customer satisfaction."

Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise is backed with this species list as proof of our experience.

The following 140 species have been personally painted for museums, nature centers, governments, schools, or sportsmen..

Freshwater Fish Painted:

1. Alewife
2. American Eel
3. Artic Char
4. Artic Grayling
5. Atlantic Salmon
6. Big Head Carp
7. Black Crappie
8. Black Rock Fish
9. Blue Catfish
10. Bluegill
11. Bonneville Cutthroat
12. Bowfin
13. Brook Trout
14. Brown Bullhead
15. Brown Trout
16. Chain Pickerel
17. Channel Catfish
18. Chum Salmon
19. Coho Salmon (Silver)
20. Common Carp
21. Cutbow Trout
22. Dolly Varden
23. Flathead Catfish
24. Florida Black Bass
25. Green Sunfish
26. Greenback Cutthroat
27. Hickory Shad
28. Humboldt Cutthroat
29. Hybird Striped Bass
30. Lake Herring
31. Lake Sturgeon
32. Lake Trout
33. Largemouth Bass
34. Little Pickerel
35. Longnose Gar
36. Muskie
37. Northern Pike
38. Northern Redhourse
39. Palamino Trout
40. Peacock Bass
41. Pink Salmon
42. Pumpkinseed
43. Pyara
44. Quill Rockfish
45. Rainbow Trout
46. Redear Sunfish
47. Sauger
48. Shinner Minnows
49. Shortnose Gar
50. Silver Carp
51. Smallmouth Bass
52. Sockeye Salmon
53. Sponnbill Sturgeon
54. Spotted Bass
55. Steelhead
56. Tiger Muskie
57. Tiger Trout
58. Walking Catfish
59. Walleye
60. White Bass
White Crappie
62. White Perch
63. Whitehorse B Cutt
64. Yellow Bass
65. Yellow Bullhead
66. Yellow Perch
67. Yellowstone Cutthroat

Saltwater Fish Painted

1. Amberjack
2. Atlantic Sailfish
3. Barracuda
4. Big Eye Thresher Shark
5. Black Drum
6. Black Grouper
7. Black Marlin
8. Black Sea Bass
9. Blue Marlin
10. Blueback Salmon
11. Bluefin Tuna
12. Bluefish
13. Bonefish
14. Bonito
15. Bonnet Head Shark
16. Bull Dolphin, Mahi Mahi
17. Bull Shark
18. Cobia
19. Coronetfish
20. Cow Dolphin
Filefish Scrawled
22. Flying Gurnard
23. Flounder
24. Flying Fish
25. Great White Shark
26. Guitar Fish
27. Hammerhead Shark
28. Hog Fish
29. Jack Crevalle
30. Jew Fish
31. King Mackerel
32. Ladyfish
33. Lancet Fish
34. Lesser Amberjack
35. Lump Fish
36. Mako Shark
37. Manta Ray
38. Minhandlen
39. Needlefish
40. Octopus
41. Pacific Sailfish
42. Permit
43. Pompano
44. Queen Trigger
45. Rianbow Runner
46. Red Snapper
47. Redfish
48. Remora
49. Roosterfish
50. SeaRobin
51. Seatrout
52. Sheephead
53. Shovelnose Shark
54. Silk Snapper
55. Snook
56. Spanish Mackerel
57. Sponnbill Catfish
58. Spotted Eagle Ray

59. Spotted Moray Eel
60. Stingray
61. Stingray Skate
62. Striped Bass
63. Tarpon
64. Tautog
65. Thresher Shark
66. Tiger Shark
67. Tripletail
68. Vermillion Rockfish
69. Wahoo
70. Weakfish
71. Yellow Eyed Rockfish
72. Yellow Fin Grouper
73. Yellow Fin Tuna

saltwater fish taxidermy sales

saltwater fish taxidermy sales

Full Mouth Detail - Museum Quality (painted on all sides).

American Fish Taxidermy
Fiberglass fish reproductions fish mounts for fish taxidermy ship in 60 days from your photos, fish replicas always custom painted for all fish mounts or museum fish taxidermy.

"...a quality fish taxidermy studio that meets delivery promises on fish mounts." Fred McClintock-- Professional Fishing Guide, Outdoor Writer & Inductee Fishing Hall of Fame

Your fish will last a lifetime. Museum quality salmon and trout replicas are perfect for custom painted fiberglass fish replicas or fish reproductions. Our scale detail and body conformation is so good that sports writers and anglers can't determine if our fish replicas are fiberglass reproductions or real. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on quality!


Fiberglass replicas--lifelike in every detail. Award winning fiberglass fish reproductions are cast from perfect specimens. Fish eyes are the best in taxidermy--re-created by using high-definition photography to fuse the natural image into accurately shaped lens. Fish replica fins are museum quality and transparent. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on detail!

Send a color picture and we'll custom paint your trophy. Museum quality fish mounts involve many steps... we take the extra step to assure your fish is carefully crafted and painted. Experienced in using fish taxidermy acrylics--we blend special pearls, metallics, iridescents and translucents to bring your fish to life. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on custom painting!

smallmouth fish replicas

60 day service available-- guaranteed! Our modern studio is a family business-two generations of taxidermists. Our business ethics are first class. Send us your bass, muskie, trout or salmon dimensions-- if the fish taxidermy is not shipped by agreed date, then we'll pay you $5 per day.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, ALWAYS - or all money paid will be promptly refunded !


National Taxidermist Association (NTA)

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