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100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all replicas!

If your fish replica does not meet your full satisfaction we will promptly refund 100% including any shipping charges.

We are very proud to have offered this guarantee for 9 straight years.


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American Fish Taxidermy
Highest quality fish taxidermy replicas or fiberglass fish reproductions for catch and release trout taxidermy or bass in 60 days.

Award winning taxidermists produce the highest quality fish reproductions only by using quality fiberglass reproductions from the industries best studios. Shown here is a Artic Grayling reproduction blank . Note the transparent fins, fin placement, scale detail, and an actual mouth interior cast from the real fish. Click image to see detail.
fish replica
Modern replicas--lifelike in every detail. Our clarity of scale detail and body conformation is so good that sports writers and anglers at sport shows can't determine if our replicas are real. Shown here is a 42 inch Lake Trout in an aggressive swimming or "s" position. From this angle it looks flat, but from above you would see the "s" position.
fiberglass fish reproduction
Modern replicas--custom painted to match your photo. We start with your length, girth and weight details. Then we eyeball the photo to make sure the replca choosen matches up in porportion to your actual fish. Shown here are 3 bass all within a couple inches. They are three very different fish. Our experience assures you get a fish that matches the fish you caught - GUARANTEED or we will take it back and try again.
Over 140 different species painted in the last 5 years. Our experience comes from studing and painting fish since the mid 1970's. In recent years we have specialized solely in fish replicas. Painting 140 different species for sportsmen and museums.
Always GUARANTEED to meet your 100% SATISFACTION, or we will promptly return all your money including shipping.. We do are best to recreate your fish, using the highest quality materials and methods available in the industry. Whether your fish is a largemouth or a peacock bass, we will always do our best...and enjoy every minute we work on it.
Custom molding for museum exhibits, movies, or nature center projects are our specialty .. We work with the best replica craftsman in the industry and have extensive knowledge of the available quality "blanks" already cast. When needed we custom cast replicas for special projects. Our work includes movie productions as well as museums.
Transparent fins are signs of a taxidermist who uses only the best reproduction techniques. These thin, lifelike fins give a transparent look when painted. Note the fins of the real fish shown in these reference photos.
live smallmouth bass
Click Photo to Show Reference

The following are unsolicited candid emails sent to me after their fish replica arrived. Each email has been copied and pasted directly, as the customer wrote it .

"I received the replicas today. They are great. We actually did an electroshocking on the pond a couple of weeks ago. The Bass, Crappie and Bluegill we sampled looked almost like the replicas. I don't think anyone will know the difference. We weren't able to shock up any catfish. They could have been deep. Great job on the fish. They will make a great addition to the natural history story we are telling in the Education Center."
Thanks, Michael
Asst. Park Manager

" My Palomino trout replica arrived today in good shape. Nice job!"
Steve P.

"The largemouth bass arrived today . The mount is fantastic, the packaging was excellent. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again and I will have no problem recommending you to others looking for quality taxidermy."

" Well, you are a man of your word - the muskie arrived as promised (although I gave up when it didn't arrive until 8:30 PM) and you did a beautiful job. My son was ecstatic as you can see from the attached picture."

Thanks for a great job! Bob

" I received the Pike the other day, but it's been crazy around the holiday, so this is the first time I had to be able to e-mail you. I just hung the Pike on the wall,... It looks great, seeing that replica reminded me of the fun of catching & releasing that nice size fish,... can't wait to go next year & catch him again, only he'll be a little bit bigger....Thanks again for the great job on the Bass & Pike. "
Mike W.

"FedEx delivered the fish today. Looks great! Thanks very much once again,
happy holidays."

"Look to hear from a friend of mine about doing a
bonefish for him. He came by to see mine and was very impressed."
Thanks again,

"Just wanted you to know we got the fish. Everything looks great!!!! Thanks so much and have a Merry Christmas!

"Everything should be taken care of, the fish is outstanding and I can't wait to get it over the fireplace at the cabin. As I stated I got your web page out on the Lake Wedowee fishing site, almost all of the serious fisherman post there. Hope you get some business.

Here is the post:

Finally got my replica back today from my "Wedowee monster", caught this september. I will have to say I am very impressed with the craftmanship, definitely outstanding detail in the mouth, gills, fins (fins and gills were attached not molded). Probably costs a little more but I am proud of the catch and release of such a nice fish. Final ticket was $318 with shipping.

Here is the web site, the gentleman that did the work, Kevin, was real nice kept you informed and delivered a quality product.
As soon as I download the pictures from the camera I'll post "
Tom B

"The king salmon looks great, you did a wonderful job on it. it looks just like it did the day i caught it.. the rockfish of dick's looks really good also. you do a great job, maybe we will send you something else down the road. thanks again for the good job.
gracie and dick

he bass showed up today, it looks really great with the new fins you're using. I really appreciate the job you did, thanks so much. Look forward to working with you in the future."

"Just received the salmon yesterday, and I was thrilled to see it. You did a fantastic job and it almost looks like it will swim away! Your attention to detail, including size and color were impeccable. Thanks again for a job well done! "

-Greg C, Healdsburg Tribune Sports Editor, Healdsburg, California

" I received the Mount Yesterday and am EXTREMELY pleased with it. You did a wonderful job. I hit it with a light a certain way and it glimmered. I plan to soft light it for display that way.

Everything was packed well and supported. No damage at all.

I will definitely recommend you and use you for my next mount.

Thank you For a Job well done"

Wayne S.

"I received the fish last Friday afternoon, and I am extrememly happy with it. You folks did a fabulous job, made even more impressive by the lack of photo. You "nailed" my description better than I had imagined you could.She is now hanging above the mantle in my living room (I STILL can't believe my wife actually encouraged me to hang it there!). She's just above a huge watercolor print of the boathouse on the lake I caught her in -- it' something of a shrine, now (see photo). That's the Yo-Zuri rattle-shad I caught her on hanging from her lip.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for providing excellent customer service, and a truly great product! If the "fishing gods" smile on me again in the future, I will most definitely be coming back to American Fish Taxidermy -- you guys are the best!!

Very best regards,"


" Great job on the muskie. Just beautiful. More real than I thought it would look."

"We appreciate the fish as it is and have it hung proudly.

Great work! We love it.

Thanks again...maybe he'll catch a big this winter and we'll be in touch

Have a great weekend."


" Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. The tarpon mount looks awesome!! I can't wait to show it off. Shipment went prety well, a couple of issues but all in all okay. Look foward to doing more business with you in the future."
Many Thanks,

I just received my replica cut-trout this morning, awesome workmanship. Thanks for the lasting memory.

Ever done much saltwater work? I recently caught a 28in. speckled trout."

Thanks, Eric

" I got the fish. Wow they look great, I was in awe when I saw the king, its just like I remembered! Great work! I will be hooking up with you in the next 10 days for another mount. Drop me a line when u get the check, it should be today or tommorrow. Thanks again!"

Chris B

"I got the fish.
It looks great!
Very nice work. Extremely realistic.
I won't hesitate to use you again."

Mark F

"Got it this morning. Excellent work - really stunning! We'll hang it and enjoy some cocktails. I'll let you know how it goes with the redfish later this month."


"I got the fish. It looks great. Thank you."

Larry J. R.

"I got back from deployment about 3 weeks ago and the fish is beautiful. You did an outstanding job on it. "


"I received the bass today you mounted for me. My wife and I got home from the baby doctor and I saw this big box on the porch with water running out of it and it was something inside banging all around...with no ime to spare I raced the box into my garage took my trusty blade and opened the box and DANG the fish was ALIVE....I grabbed him by the lip and hauled him out the box. Man what a beautiful mount.. I have a 9lb 8oz 26" largemouth "skin" mount on the wall, the only difference is that it is thicker than the replica but that is not really any concern because on the wall you really can see the diffrence. Thanks alot I will e-mail you a picture of Nic with tthe fish when I give it to him. I want to extend an invitation to come and deer hunt or fish in the Williamsburg area of Va. If you and your dad would like we have some really nice hunting and fishing here."


" Got the BASS, and it looks GREAT!"
Thanks again!
Jon N

" That brown trout came out perfect. That 3-D mount came in extremely handy as well. I really appreciate your work and customer service. "
well done.

Thanks, Joel

" Thats great. A lot of people dont bother with catfish. Could you send me a picture of the one you are working on when its finished? What is your price per inch for catfish? My wife has a fit, but you did such a great job for me on that bass, I will never go anywhere else for a replica. Im a restaurant manager, and I know great customer service is very hard to find. If you can find it, you stick with it. I had a couple of friends over and they were blown away by that bass you did for me. The detail is incredible."
Thanks again,
Bill H

"The fish arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
Thanks for the superior service. The model looks very

Thanks again.

Brian McAllister

" I received my fish today. It was like opening a Christmas present. You exceeded my expectations. Excellent job. Not only is the fish itself exactly what I wanted and top quality, even the hardware, driftwood and packing were a top notch job. You kept all your promises from first e-mail to delivery. I will definately recommend your services to anyone who asks, and I cant wait to catch another big one.
Keep up the excellent work."
Bill H

" The fish is Breathtaking!
I loved it! Excellent job!
It was a little lighter in color than I thought it would be. Mainly on its back.
Everyone that I have shown it to is amazed….Amazed!
Thanks, and I defiantly will be throwing your name out there to my friends.
Thanks again for being patient with me."

" I did receive the fish on time and it looks good. I am sure Chandler will be excited when he gets it on his birthday."

" Received the bass and it looks great. Thanks"
Matt M

"Got my fish in the mail today....Thanks !!!"
Mark S

" I'm sorry to again taken so long to get back to you. The mount arrived in great shape and Cody was absolutely extatic over it. You did another great job! I've given your calendars out to my friends too. They've all been as impressed with your work as I am! Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Doug T.

I forgot to add...please don't hesitate to use me as a reference. You did a fantastic job under unusual conditions and I was very impressed with both your artistic abilities and your rofessionalism. Great communication too. You have made one 15 yr old very happy. We have been home about 15 minutes and it is on his wall already. Thanks again.


Got fish today! In any event it made it to us and it looks great (perhaps prettier than the actual fish I caught). We will drop check in mail tomorrow.I depart for the Bahamas on Wednesday. Perhaps, I will catch something else for you to do."



"Received the fish intact from Fedex yesterday, they look very nice and are already are on the wall! Thanks for the calenders as well. Do you still have the photographs of the fish I sent you? If so, could you please drop them in the mail to me - I would appreciate it. I will recommend your work to my fellow fisherman who may desire a replica mount. Maybe I will have another project for you this year if all goes well...."Jack A
Dear Sir,

"We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of the Barracuda Taxidermy Replica.

HRH Prince Ali and HRH Princess Rym were very pleased with it.

Thank you for your nice and speedy work. We will be looking forward to dealing with you should further orders be needed."

Best regards,

Executive Administrative Assistant
Royal Palaces Division / Aqaba

"The fish arrived yesterday, and the work is beautiful. Thanks for everything, Kevin. I certainly will recommend you to any friends who are looking for this kind of work.

I received the fish mount yesterday. The mount completely met my expectations and I appreciate your commitment to customer satisfaction. You obviously take pride in your work and this is exemplified in the work you did for our mount. Thank you very much for taking the time to make the changes we requested. We are very excited to display the mount in our home.
Thanks again,


"Tthe mount arrived yesterday - thank you for a job well done "-Ozzie.

I saw Don and Terry's fish yesterday. They looked good. I am going to try and find a picture or two of the grayling. I really like the way you captured some of the iridescent colors in the fish, it was awesome! The fish we were catching on this particular river had more of a olive-green base color than gray, they were a few shades darker and a little more green. But the underlying iridescent colors were nearly perfect! Did Terry get a hold of you? He is trying to so he can settle up. I will try and find some
pictures of the grayling. Talk to you later!


" Got the mount and it looks awesome. You guys did a great job with this one. I am in the process of getting the steelhead pic made digital so I can send it to you. I only have one shot of it but the colors came out really good. I will let you know what I am going to do. Thanks again."
Bob Marsh

" I just wanted to thank you so much for the fish. My dad said he got it in Friday. He opened it and told me it looks really really nice. I can't wait to see it! "

"The fish mount was an 'AIR SUCKER'--an old Japanese term that when you see something awesome, one gasps to suck the air out of the room in sheer delight. let me share with you a visa moment...PRICELESS. during his birthday party, after the gifts were opened and the fish mount placed in the other room and things were still very active, john by himself went to the other room to view the mount...and gently touch it...I saw it! PRICELESS. PS. Have you got the check as we see no record of paid for warned that there is more to come...THANKS AGAIN FOR MAKING SUCH A SUPER GOOD AND MEMORABLE DAY."

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. My finace loved the fish. He already has it hanging on the wall. Thank you so much you did a great job."
Heather F

" I think that you do excellent work and, I would at some point, like to have you do another fish for me. I don't know how many fish you work on at one time or if you have time at all for another fish, but if you do let me know how much of a deposit it would take to get started (about the same size and species as the fish that you just did for me). "Thanks,

Sorry for being late with this information. The outfitter that we now use in Canada is:
Northern Wilderness Outfitters Ltd.
Box 637, Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada
(807) 274-3666. Fax (807)274-6656

I believe that they will let you put your brochures in their office. You might mention that you have done three of their fish.

Ron is very happy with his fish. He couldn't wait after I told him how much I enjoyed the job you did on mine and Jay's. Hope to see you again soon if we make our Feb or March trip to Dale Hollow.

I recieved the fish fine. It looks great. Thanks alot."
Mike M

"Thanks for the nice work on the fish. It arrived unbroken and in good shape yesterday. Thank for the fish calendars. Jack Z

The mount arrived on Monday as scheduled. Nice job. Look foward to my son's reaction on Christmas. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a nice Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

I did receive the fish yesterday. You did a very nice job - it looks very good! Thank you very much.
Best regards. Michael B

Looks great. He'll be very surprised.

" I received the replica today. You really do amazing
work. Now I have to go catch a 10lb largemouth so
that I can bug you with another project.
- Scott

Great! It was packed very well and I appreciate it. If you ever need a reference, feel free to give my mane. Kevin -- I have received the fish and it is really nice! Very lifelike! Dustin R

I received my fish the other day, it arrived in good shape an it's just beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks, John

" My father flipped over the fish. Thanks again for getting the new fish to me so quickly. I'm sure we will do business in the future and I have referred you to a friend for when he gets a fish to mount. Thanks again Happy New Year!

I received the salmon mount and I think it turned out great. Thanks.
Pete L

" The fish arrived yesterday. It looks great. Thanks for everything.
Paul P

" it arrived.. Very happy with the finished product , thankyou. For future reference for your Aussie customers, Customs sends the product to our local Post Office for collection and payment of duty and GST based on the converted sell price. Convert the US price to AUS$ and pay 10% GST plus about AUS$40 duty, all up was AUS$81, not too bad.
Drew A